When your content provides the lifeblood for your business, Profit Pen bleeds up the words worth reading — and worth paying for.

Your prospect has less than a minute to spare. Don’t lose any second of it because his interest is a slippery slime. If you don’t get a good grip of it long enough to hook him up, he’s gone.

Concise content converts.

Win with Words

Win the competition with words. No iffy promotion. No cheating. To sell anything, you only need to answer one question: “What’s in it for my customers?”

Sounds easy enough, right?

Of course, it does… if you don’t struggle with persuasion.

Holding a prospect’s interest is like holding fine sand in your hand — cliché, but can’t be any more true.

Each second passed means a speck tricking through your fingers. It’s just a matter of time before your hand is empty. But did you hold it long enough to stir up a positive reaction?

Our society is a bullet train on the run. Everyone wants everything to be done in a flick of a finger. Your prospects are no exception. They want your promise of no regret, less pain and more pleasure, and they want it now!

They want you to take them where they want to be in a flash with the littlest possible effort from themselves.

But in a sea of choices, how on earth can you convince them you’re the fastest ride that can take them to their most desired destination?

Say the right words.

You need irresistible content to make them take the bait. Keep them hooked for long, and they eventually become your loyal customers.

Don’t rely on lucky accidents. Your business — where your money, time and effort are invested in — is at stake here. You didn’t put it up just to declare bankruptcy in a few months.

Optimize your e-commerce page, maximize budget, increase sales and ultimately amass profit.

Get to Know Me

I  can spin words into a web so sticky, your readers get trapped in it without even realizing.

But I don’t throw a sentence out there just because I like the sound of it or that it makes me look clever. Instead, I back up copies with thoroughly researched data from an in-depth keyword research, target audience analysis, and competitors analysis.

I work solo.

I take responsibility for every assignment I accept. There are no other desks and chairs, no cubicles and no scurrying squirrels inside my hollow. It’s only me and my hardworking laptop… and, oh, the steaming hot brewed coffee mixed with the aromatic smell of peppermint.

I believe that I can only build a good reputation for myself through sticking to the old quote, “quality over quantity.”

Are you ready to do business with me?

Happy Clients

Super happy with Diana. Great communicator, really skilled and delivered before deadline. What more can you ask for? I feel like I hit a goldmine! Can highly recommend!

Olof E., Amazon Seller

Diana has exceptional work ethics and is top notch person to hire on any assignment. She writes superb and her managerial experience was core to completing very tough task. Diana is key was the key our company was looking for and we will work with her again.

Damion Newman, Founder, GF Social Life

Amazon Services

Full Listing Copywriting – HTML

I optimize your product listing page for the most relevant and profitable keywords based on a deep-dive keyword research, which involves looking into the most sophisticated and trusted tools in the industry and analyzing any existing PPC campaign data.

That’s for the algorithm.

But I don’t just write for the search engine and forget your customers. Your listing will also get a buyer-focused upgrade, which translates to this: a copy that converts.

Full Copywriting with EBC Text

[For brand registered sellers only]

Take advantage of this feature while it’s free on Amazon! Enhanced Brand Content (EBC or now also known as A+ Content) has been proven to increase conversion rate by 5-10 %… but only when it’s done right.

If you have infographics and high-quality images ready or have merely the slightest clue how to do this high-converting section right, let’s hop on it together: I’ll do the layout, write the text and provide image suggestions and you get your photographer ready.

Full Copywriting with EBC Text + Graphics

Have a stock of photos but don’t have the time — or perhaps the skills — to turn them into emotionally triggering images that will drive your customers to buy?

Turn those paid photos into profitable investments that you intended them for in the first place!

Aside from a search engine-friendly and compelling title and bullets, I can also design the entire Enhanced Brand Content Section from the ground up.

Review Booster Email Sequence

Customers have become distrustful. When your product doesn’t have a strong social proof, your battle is going to be harder. To make things more difficult, Amazon doesn’t just discourage but now PUNISHES incentivized reviews.

There’s not much a seller can do, but one great solution to this is sending buyers emails requesting them to leave their honest reviews. But the challenge here: will they open your emails?

Design Amazon Storefront

Strengthen your brand image and inspire brand loyalty with a beautifully designed Amazon storefront!

If your brand is enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, you can tell your brand story the way that resonates with your target audience. You can customize your layouts and give shoppers an engaging and incredible shopping experience.

PPC Management

Your product may just win the Best Quality award…if only people know it exists.

Until your target market actually knows you’re out there and they become familiar with your brand, you’re nothing but a gold nugget deep in the dirt waiting for someone to accidentally dig you up.

Back up your SEO-rich copy with unmatched PPC campaigns to kick-ass the competition!